Read what past and present customers have to say about my custom action figures!

 This is THE BEST SUP'S OF ALL TIME. The articulation is unreal!!! Had no idea this body base could do this. BEST CUSTOM IN MY COLLECTION, HANDS DOWN!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

 James Roebuck


Every time I open a package from Steve Dieppa containing a new custom figure it is like Christmas morning! Even though I am by now used to it, I am always nonetheless amazed how faithful a translation of the two-dimensional character to the three-dimensional form Steve has done, often as if the figure had jumped off the page!

Robert M. Price  

 In a collection of over 800 action figures, the custom pieces I have from Stevid Customs are some of the crown jewels of the entire show.  Steve's skill and artistry shines through on every piece, and I count him among the best on a short list of great customizers.  And on top of all the that, he's always a pleasure to deal with!

Nick Ambos


I've gotten 2 customs from Steve and I am in the process of getting 2 more and I have to tell you,....Stevid is truly one of best custom action figure designers I've ever encountered, if not the best. His quality, and attention to detail speaks for itself. this dude has a gift for capturing a characters exact image and transferring it strait from the pages of a comic to the custom figure. The detail is unbelievable, you can tell he takes a lot of pride in what he dose and enjoys it.
     Doing business with him is a pleasure, He answers his email, quickly with friendly to the point responses. Always interested in you, the buyers vision, and tries to accommodate. Ships quickly, and more than willing to fix problems should they occur. Really glad I came across this guy. His customs rock!!!!
Lemerrel Maddox


Doomsday is F'ing Awesome!!! One of my favorites, always displayed in the front on my display case!"
"Ultimate Captain America is perfect!! Absolute professional customizer!"

"Commissioned a Boba Fett, PERFECT!! Accurate as hell!"
"I have commissioned more than several figures, and have been more than happy with all. Stevid is an artist and the products are well worth the money. Do yourself a favor and commission a figure today.

 Billy McTaggart   


Great custom!! Delivered above expectations!!!

Louis Yoong
"Steve your work speaks for itself. The custom figures that you produce are works of art. You can tell that careful planning and attention to detail are prevalent in your customs. Creative and original design ideas also shine through in your work. Thank you for your contribution to this fun and never-ending possibilities of action figure customizing. You are truly an artist.

I've won a few of Steve's auctions on ebay and had him do a couple of customs done for me.  All look like they were pulled straight out of a comic book and all are displayed for everyone to see.

Sabeca S. Isaac

Steve is an amazing customizer, and I've looked up to his work from the start. If it wasn't for Steve crash landing into Philadelphia I don't think I'd have ever picked up a brush to customize.



Great customs from you Steve & it's been a great pleasure dealing with you! Fast & friendly responses and fast completion of custom work at reasonable prices - can't ask for more! The custom figure work & finish are excellent but what I like the most about your customs are that they not only capture the look of each character well but also the essence of these characters - I don't know how else to put it. I only have 2 custom figures from you so far, the Marvel Ares (awesome!!!) in the past & Imperial Guard's Gladiator which I've just received (just as awesome!!!) but that's only because your auctions go for top dollar most times & understandably so. If I were made of money, I know I'd have the majority of your custom figures by now especially your ebay auctions, only leaving out those characters I'm not interested in! As it is, I just watch your auctions & enjoy the pics you post up and DROOL! (pass me the tissue box please...) Yours is my 3rd custom Gladiator, just to give you an idea how much I love this character since he first appeared in Uncanny X-Men but I've not been truly satisfied with the other 2 - my need for a great Gladiator figure has now been well & truly sated. Rest assured - coming back for more!!! 

 Ronnie Lim










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